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The Most Comprehensive Guide to Xamarin Test Cloud

The Most Comprehensive Guide to Xamarin Test Cloud

Select your favorite programming language and testing framework, and you can start testing. For your configuration of automation frameworks tests you can use real device capabilities generator. With LambdaTest automation testing cloud, you can run automation tests at scale on your Xamarin website with test automation frameworks like Selenium, Cypress, Playwright, and more. It still needs a lot of work in terms of community expansion and growth. There is a small community of Xamarin developers, which will take time to grow and evolve. The talent pool can only get better if there are more and more professionals that learn and implement this platform for real-world projects.

  • The talent pool can only get better if there are more and more professionals that learn and implement this platform for real-world projects.
  • The basis of automating tests with Xamarin is Xamarin UITest, a C# test automation framework that enables testing mobile apps on Android and iOS.
  • With a Test Run, you specify a test series, the devices included in this test run and what locale the devices should have.
  • You can write the scripts in whatever tooling you want and upload the scripts along with the binaries of your app.
  • Because these are physical devices, there is a limit of how many tests can be running at one time.
  • So not only can you run automated scripts on it, you can also remote debug your app on a device that you do not actually own.

Run automated tests using popular frameworks like Selenium, Cypress, Playwright, and more. You can write automated UI tests using any of the following frameworks. The security team can also perform testing along with the development and testing teams.

Product development

They allow you to check the functioning of the interface and simulate typical user real-life actions. No matter what design or development framework you use, you can test your web and mobile apps at scale here. LambdaTest supports all web and mobile development frameworks, solutions, component libraries, and platforms for end to end testing. Vivo Cloud is the most powerful, feature-rich, and flexible platform for Android testing. Vivo Cloud enables you to test on real devices, which helps you achieve higher quality and faster time-to-market.

xamarin test cloud

For example, testing the whole functionality of “Car” class is called a component test. Unit Tests—this is the type of test that is the most costly. The purpose of it is to test a small unit of the application , isolating it and verifying if it’s working properly.

Run Tests in Xamarin Test Cloud

With Xamarin.UITest and nunit runner you can test locally on your devices and/or emulators/simulators. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. Developer-friendly analytics make it easy to discover how to improve your apps. On Windows Xamarin Studio is now deprecated and was replaced with Xamarin for Visual Studio. On macOS Xamarin Studio is still in development, but was rebranded in 2016 as Visual Studio for Mac. On February 24, 2016, Xamarin and Microsoft announced that Microsoft signed a definitive agreement to acquire Xamarin.

You cannot buy all those configurations yourself and find the time to run all the tests on them manually. Once you have your application ready for tests, you can submit it to the Test Cloud via Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio. Team Managers—users with “Manage Permissions”—it is possible for them to add or remove users from the team. I’ll show how to use it with NUnit framework and write tests that can be deployed on Xamarin Test Cloud. Now you know what the possible test frameworks are and how tests are performed on Android and iOS.

Why is it important to test Xamarin applications?

Now you know how to use the REPL tool and how to launch tests on the Android emulator and iOS simulator. In the third and last part, I will show how to deploy tests on the Xamarin Test Cloud. On Android, there is no special configuration to enable testing.

xamarin test cloud

Get instant access to real desktop and mobile devices running real OS and real browsers. The device remoting approach is very time consuming and delays bug detection since we target a single device at a given time. Mobile Blazor Bindings allow developers to build native Android and iOS using What is Xamarin Test Cloud C#, .NET, and web programming patterns. On July 17, 2013, Xamarin announced that they had closed $16 million in Series B funding led by Lead Edge Capital. Several investors from their Series A funding also participated, including Charles River Ventures, Floodgate, and Ignition Partners.

Test Your App on Thousands of Devices

Windows Phone was deprecated and removed in favour of UWP. After the acquisition, Attachmate announced hundreds of layoffs for the Novell workforce, including Mono developers, putting the future of Mono in question. Optimistic and versatile software professional and a technical writer, who brings to table around 4 years of robust working experience in various companies. Deliver excellence at work and implement expertise and skills appropriately required whenever. Adaptive towards changing technology and upgrade necessary skills needed in profession. Here are a few features you can leverage with LambdaTest’s Xamarin testing cloud.

xamarin test cloud

On August 21, 2014, Xamarin successfully closed an additional $54 million in Series C funding, which is one of the largest rounds of funding ever raised by a mobile app development platform. As of August 2014 the total funding for the company was $82 million. In this Xamarin testing guide, we’ll look at how to perform real-time and automated testing of your Xamarin applications.


However, I need to test it in real devices, so I decided to use Xamarin Test Cloud. As I said, it should take 30 minutes but the test finishes almost immediately. Start a console window in either Windows or Mac and navigate it to the ‘Packages’ folder of your solution on your filesystem. If everything is OK, the files will be uploaded to Test Cloud and the tests will commence.

Also notice the longer hash value just before the devices switch. I have blurred a part of it, because this is your API key. Together with the email address that you will see later, this can be considered as your username and password. If we inspect it more closely, we can recognize some of the configuration we have just done. As you can see, the devices are specified by a hash value.

Website Builders

Right-click the ‘References’ node in the test project and add the Droid and iOS project. Initializing the tests does nothing more than create an IApp context which holds all kinds of methods to compose our tests with. Depending on the platform that we run it on, the interface gets a different implementation.

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