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FREE Cloud Backup Service: Secure & Easy Online Backup

FREE Cloud Backup Service: Secure & Easy Online Backup

Insist on secure data transfer to and from the cloud storage location, data encryption, and role-based access that ensures only authorized personnel can access or restore data. If you have more than one computer to back up or if you prefer to have more control over different backup settings, choose IDrive. Its Windows and Mac apps aren’t as clean and easy to use as Backblaze’s, but IDrive offers more options to customize it to suit your needs. Whereas Backblaze gives you unlimited storage but restricts you to backing up one computer, IDrive allows you to back up as many computers as you want but restricts storage capacity.

Strategise an ideal backup plan — Backup Awareness Month … – ETCIO South East Asia

Strategise an ideal backup plan — Backup Awareness Month ….

Posted: Wed, 14 Jun 2023 23:30:00 GMT [source]

Without a doubt, the price point is perfect for small businesses. And it can support up to 10 terabytes of data, which is more cloud backup services than the majority of small businesses need. However, it is worth noting that there are no unlimited data plans available.

Best for Flexible Pricing

The software does one thing—make a complete image of a disk partition—and it does it extremely well. Our reviewer has depended on this software for more than 15 years without so much as a hiccup. Sometimes when I reboot or do an update, instead of my mapped drives being shown in the bottom pane, iDrive changes them to the upper pane without notifying me.

  • Otherwise, the web interface is minimal; you can also check your current storage use and delete a computer’s backups there, but that’s it.
  • Other key features are the free Hard Drive Restore and Rollback.
  • If you need to back up multiple devices, there are online backup services available, but it does limit your options.
  • Its Plus plan, for example, gives home users 2TB for $10 a month compared to iDrive’s 5TB for $5 a month in year one ($6.63 on renewal).

In addition, the product’s orchestration capabilities enable automated DR testing, failover and failback. Commvault’s software platform protects applications and data on premises, in the public cloud and in SaaS applications. The Commvault Complete architecture enables management control to run on premises, while data movement is performed in the public cloud, on premises or in both locations to support true hybrid environments. DataProtect supports virtual workloads running on VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Nutanix AHV and physical servers running all common OSes. DataProtect also supports traditional databases and on-premises applications, such as SQL Server, Exchange, Oracle and SharePoint.


If you’re a power-user who already pays for some kind of business storage, look no further than CloudBerry Backup. More than any other service on this list, CloudBerry lets the user tweak and tune every single detail of their backup. From unlimited versioning to advanced scheduling, multithreading, block-level uploads and support for a vast range of device types, CloudBerry has pretty much everything. Where Backblaze’s private encryption is flawed, Carbonite has no such problem.

cloud backup services

You’ll also want to consider who would need access to your online backups and what their level of comfort is with technology. In most cases, the simpler the processes are, the better. You want to make sure that when you need to restore that the steps are straightforward enough that you can get back on track quickly. Here are three things to consider before deciding on the best cloud backup solution for you. Minimize downtime and data loss with the most complete service protection and flexible restore.

BackBlaze Business Backup

IDrive is a user-friendly cloud backup service that’s great for personal and business use. It effortlessly handles everything from simple photo backups for mobile and sharing files across networks, to protecting SQL, Exchange, SharePoint, and many other servers. A veritable feast of features and options—probably more than you’ll ever use—makes Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office the most flexible backup tool on the market. It offers local backups, cloud backups, full-drive imaging, individual folder syncing, and everything in between.

But from a purely storage-related perspective, IDrive offers more than most services do for the price, including Arq Premium, which provides 1 TB of storage for $60 a year. Backblaze’s restoration process is uncommonly convoluted, which we detail in the Flaws but not dealbreakers section below. However, we like that Backblaze offers restore-by-mail options, which are handy if you have a slow internet connection and need to restore a big chunk of data. With one of these options, you pay an up-front fee for a USB flash drive or hard drive and then send it back for a refund after you get your files.

Best Cloud Backup Services

Several BlueXP plans are available, including Optimized, Essentials, Professional and Edge Cache. These plans are available on a one, two or three-year contract, and a pay-as-you-go plan is also available. As an alternative, customers can pay on a per-terabyte-hour basis. NetApp BlueXP is a SaaS offering that is designed to back up on-premises and cloud-based OnTap data.

cloud backup services

An online backup service (sometimes called “cloud backup”) offers the security of off-site storage for your most essential files. Think of your cloud backup as extra insurance in case something happens to your main backups. Over the years of testing for this guide, we’ve seen files get corrupted in online and local backups, but rarely in both places. Offering unlimited online storage for one computer for $70 a year, Backblaze is the most affordable backup service we tested.

Simple user experience

Virtual server licensing is based on the number of hosts and the number of sockets within a host. Azure Backup also protects Azure Files and Azure Blob Storage. In additionally, it can create crash-consistent backups of Azure disks. The prices above don’t include first-year discounts and are for backing up just one computer. You can instead pick the three or five computer options to back up more, but the price, of course, goes up, as well.

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